Python Universal?

I recall seeing a thread a while ago about including python into Universal. Not sure if this went anywhere, but I would be interested in either including it in the current product, or having a separate python universal. Our org has a TON of python scripts that are being managed through windows task scheduler now, and having a Universal style job manager would be awesome.

It didn’t but it’s always something I’m thinking about…

One thing I was considering was having basic environments for PowerShell. Right now, PSU injects a DLL into the powershell process to support things like pipeline objects, progress and Read-Host. A basic environment wouldn’t do that and would just launch a command line and script.

One of the reasons for this was to avoid assembly conflicts. The other reason we could do this is to support other scripting languages like Python. We could still integrate with STDOUT, STDERR and STDIN. It would also support parameters, scheduling and script output\history.

I would be more inline with what other job runners do that don’t integrate so tightly with their scripting languages.