First Private Beta Release

For those of your in the private beta for UA, please check your email. We’ve released the first version. Play away!


Man, totally forgot to build a VM for this - never has installing a server taken sooo long.


Happy cake day!!! (20 character limit…)

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Jealous of all you beta testers! :slight_smile: Can’t wait until the release to try it out.

can’t wait to test it as well ! :smiley:

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Is there a thread for upcoming questions & general talk about UA?

Release speed was pretty high the last days.

Can release notes be included in every ZIP-release?

A thread hasn’t been started but feel free to pop one up. I’ll start including release notes in the zips. Most of the work has been tracked by GitHub issues at this point:

Yeah me to! Yust wanted to start today, creating a new base framework and a lot of my ideas are already implemented in this module. So now I can better quit for today and wait unitil this is deployed.

So if there is one place for a beta tester, please add me to the list :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I would love to be a part of the beta tester as well, I guess we must be patient :smiley:

Can I be added to the private beta :))))))) I wanna play!!!

We’re opening a public beta soon. Stay tuned.