UD 2.4 beta1 Released


been waiting for this so longggggggg


Woohoo! Installing it now! Can’t wait to try this out

Looking forward to what you can add to Project-Neith with the new stuff! As always please share feedback if you run into issues / roadblocks!

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Thanks! Will do, been a bit swamped with work but am hoping to get back in to the dev for it over the next week or two!

So cool!

Does this release fix the issue where you cant have multiple Auth policies per page?

I think it does…

This was closed for 2.4 well in advance of the beta being released, so there is a very high chance IMO.

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Are there draft docs detailing the new objects and new commands?

Tim Curwick

sorry not yet, but it is progress.

Work in progress but I have some of the components documented here: https://docs.universaldashboard.io/v/2.4/components/material-ui