Ping check from universal dashboard

HI so i have created a dashboard for ping check which we can see the status in charts ,status and

previous results by sorting status time and from website we can run the ping check too


That’s awesome! I was actually going to start working on something similar for network service monitoring (just testing TCP connections instead of ICMP). I like how you structured the dashboard. Any chance you’ll post it on github or anything?

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Thank you ,currently am working on export options in the page to download the status report .if that is done or not anyways ill share it on monday.

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I want to make or use something like this which can alert newly onn-line and sort based on a list and how recently the computer came on-line. Any advice to jump start me would be appreciated.


can you please share this script. i just want to learn how to build a small dashboard like this

Not the same project but I’ve got some similar functionality in this project - Feel free to steal whatever parts are interesting.