Need help with adding pingpower script


I need help with adding a power-shell script that pings our router every 5 secs. I want to us UD to display it.

Hi @Jrosado
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Belive this would be the simplest of solutions to this:
Note: if the ping fails it will report 2000, not say "failed or anyting.

I would however reccomending learning the ropes of UD, as managing a simple dashboard without building it yourself can prove a hazzle. Never the less, UD forums always has your back :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

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Cool thanks for the assist. yea I’m pretty new to UD. I know theirs stuff on youtube I can look at.

Or you can user -quick with the test-connection and get a $true/$false response. Depends if you want up/down or the response time.


Kudos to you!
I’ve never noticed the -Quiet param.
Works like a charm!
However bool works poorly with UD-Counter i believe.