My first dashboard

So thought I’d share my first dashboard. I used the scaffolding project from @artvandelay440 - Looking for a Dashboard scaffold for your project? I made a github template

The idea of the dashboard was to show how one of our applications is doing. This application is a bit strange - it runs on AIX and uses something called Progress Openedge. Previously the only way to check it was to run putty and run some commands which gave us an output like this:

Luckily I was able to find a module called Posh-SSH which allowed me to get an output from AIX using powershell. The first iteration was to get this in to the dashboard…success

I then spoke to a very clever chap called Chris Dent who is the author of Mastering Windows Powershell Scripting and frequents the #powershell-help channel on He came up with some amazing regex to change that horrible block of text in to something more manageable. (thanks Chris, couldn’t have done it without you).

This was great, but it was missing something…graphics. This is where @psDevUK came to help! Adam created this fantastic gauge ( which I think really adds to the page. And so my first dashboard was born!

We’ve just purchased the enterprise version of UD so I expect a lot more to come. A big thanks to everyone who has helped along the way.


Wow! cool story and looking great!

Nice job @psDevUK with the community visuals!


GJ dude!
Kudos for sharing your progress bro, keep it up :slight_smile:

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