Page with a search form and related results table

I am trying to create a search form in Powershell Universal that updates a table on the same page using the Pages GUI editor not a Dashboard. So far I’ve managed to create the page, the search form, and an API endpoint that returns a table. Currently the search results table replaces the search form on the page.

I would like to have the API endpoint update a table that I’ve already added to the page instead. My goal is to be able to customize the columns of the search results table without rewriting the API endpoint script each time I need to change the columns of the table. It also looks like I might be able to search and sort the results table when it’s placed on the page from the toolbox as well. If I can figure this out, eventually I’d like to have search forms that update several statistics on the page too.

Is there any way to have the results of a form update an existing table on a page using the Pages GUI.


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.4