Pages, get then set a value

we are considering moving quite a few things we have done in PSU to simple pages, but one of the common scenarios we have is to get data and validate it before it was is then submitted to be updated.

eg. to update a record in a data base this is what we do.
user enters ID in textbox, presses submit, query returns data ad displays it.
user checks returned data, updates required field via a text box, then resubmits the data to an update query.

we are not too sure how to do this in a page, do we need multiple forms, can we do something like this in a page? would we use a component that we embedd to get the data?


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

We don’t support validation on pages yet but have that on the backlog. Feel free to upvote the issue.

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any idea when this will be implemented?

It’s slated for v3 at the moment.

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