Odd behavior with New-UDTextbox Label

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.14

Just upgraded from 2.12.6 to 3.7.14 and went pretty smoothly with just a few tweaks. One odd behavior I’m noticing is with New-UDTextbox labels appearing in only certain circumstances. Anyone experiencing this?

Textbox 1 doesn’t show a label when Value is $null
Textbox 2 shows the label when a placeholder is defined
Textbox 3 doesn’t show the label when a mask is defined even with a placeholder
Textbox 4 shows the label when a Value is not $null
Textbox 5 shows the label as soon as I start typing something

New-UDTextbox -FullWidth -Label "Textbox 1" -Value $Textbox -Mask "(000) 000-0000"
New-UDTextbox -FullWidth -Label "Textbox 2" -Placeholder "(000) 000-0000" -Value $Textbox
New-UDTextbox -FullWidth -Label "Textbox 3" -Placeholder "(000) 000-0000" -Value $Textbox -Mask "(000) 000-0000"
New-UDTextbox -FullWidth -Label "Textbox 4" -Value 'some value'
New-UDTextbox -FullWidth -Label "Textbox 5" -Value $Textbox