New-UDTextbox not following design?


this might be a minor thing but I noticed that the UDTextbox does not behave like the documentation or material design definition.

According to design the Label should be displayed within the textbox and if the textbox is selected it should “float up” and be displayed on the top of the textbox. The image in the documentation shows that correctly but if I create a a New-UDTextbox the label is always on top.
Other components like the AutoComplete actually work correctly.

Did I miss something or is this intended?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.9.3

I can reproduce this too. No idea why it’s doing that but I can open an issue for it.

I think we had some problem where the text wouldnt move and then it would be overlaid in several versions ago and this may be a side effect of trying to fix that.

Thanks Adam.