Missing Placeholder Text in UDTextbox

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.7

I am missing the Placeholder Text in my Textboxes.


New-UDTextbox -Id “PSRAufgabenplanTB” -Label “Aufgabenplan” -FullWidth -Placeholder ‘Standard - Alle Server’ -Icon $IconAufgabenplan

Show-UDModal -Content {
    New-udform -content {
        New-UDGrid -Spacing 0 -Container -Content {
            New-UDGrid -Item -ExtraLargeSize 12 -Content {
                New-UDPaper -Content {
                    New-UDTextbox -Id "PSRAufgabenplanTB" -Label "Aufgabenplan" -FullWidth -Placeholder 'Standard - Alle Server' -Icon $IconAufgabenplan
                } -Elevation 2 -Id 'PSRAufgabenplanPaper'
    } -onvalidate {
        #$FormContent = $EventData
        if ([string]::IsNullOrEmpty($EventData.PSRAufgabenplanTB)) {
            New-UDFormValidationResult -ValidationError "Aufgabenplan wird benötigt!"
        } elseif ($EventData.PSRAufgabenplanTB -in $Session:Schaltzentrale.PSRAufgabenplan.Plan) {
            New-UDFormValidationResult -ValidationError "Aufgabenplan schon vorhanden!"
        } elseif ($EventData.PSRAufgabenplanTB -like "*'*") {
            New-UDFormValidationResult -ValidationError "Ungültiges Zeichen ' vorhanden!"
        } else {
            New-UDFormValidationResult -Valid
    } -onsubmit {...

The option is described and illustrated in the documentation. Did something change?

The default theme in UD has changed. which does affect some stuff,

You can switch back to Material Design with this on your
-Theme (Get-UDTheme -Name ‘MaterialDesign’)

Mentioned here
Vertical UDTab background doesn’t change when toggling light/dark mode - PowerShell Universal - Ironman Software Forums

This did not fix it for us. Lables are missing


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This will be fixed in 3.7.8.