Obfuscated executable will not run

Tool: Visual Studio
Version: 2022 17.6.3

Prior to some recent updates, I would Start my solution, which would build the .exe for me in the bin\release folder. It would also create a couple of extra files (solution.exe.config, solution.pdb, Microsoft.PowerShell.ConsoleHost.dll, System.Management.Automation.dll) I believe should go with the exe to launch properly. I would obfuscate the exe prior to generation and had no problems.

Now, it no longer creates those extra files, but appears to create a “bin” folder with the .exe that has various items in it. If I do NOT obfuscate the .exe i can launch it form the release folder directly again with no problem. If i DO obfuscate, if i launch the .exe, i can see it running in task mgr for 15-20 seconds or so, then it just closes out.

Any thoughts or anything i should clarify?

After i created this post it showed me .exe does not work when obfuscate is true which is the exact same issue from September and i see i’m running PS Tools Pro 2023.8.0 from September. Is this something that is being looked at? i don’t normally downgrade extensions, but i have a deployment on hold due to this issue that i may need to look at doing such.