Unable to Package an exe when Obfuscate is enabled


I have been having a hard time figuring out why my builds are built fine but don’t load. They load fine running inside VSCode. I discovered the problem is when I set Obfuscate to $false my executable will open fine.

I found one forum with a similar issue but there resolution was to not have any spaces in the output file. I’ve tried usaing a different directory, opening the file on another machine, reinstalling VSCode, changing .NET and PS versions without success. I tried changing the ProTools version to an earlier version but getting a merge-script error.

I tried Visual Studio as a workaround but its no better. Any options I set in ProTools don’t apply to the package, like it bypasses ProTools completely, but the build runs and displays fine. Only want it to work in VSCode but must be related.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

VSCode ver 1.81.1 - ProTools ver. v2023.7.1