Support obfuscation for PowerShell 7 for Win, Mac, Lin?

I know that it’s difficult to support it, but are there any plans for PowerShell Tools Pro to support obfuscation for PowerShell 7 for Win, Mac, Lin?

It actually looks like Obfuscar now supports .NET Core! We should be able support obfuscation of all the platforms now and PS7.


howdy @adam I had a look at an obfuscated PowerShell 7 exe in ILSpy and it looks like only the PS1 script is actually obfuscated. Is that right? The documentation says “Obfuscate the .NET executable and PowerShell script” but it doesn’t seem like any other part of the exe is obfuscated (e.g. bundled resources or any other parts of the binary)

Hi @DataTraveler can you comment on this?

Hi @mason I, too, am curious to know

Hi @adam - Would it be safe to say that the obfuscation feature of PowerShell Pro Tools is applying only to the .ps1 script within the executable and not any of the other contents of the executable?

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It should be applying to the whole executable and if it is not, we need to look into it. @DataTraveler, can you open an issue for this?

Will you please let me know once the issue is created so I can follow it? Thank you.

Hi @mason, apologies for the delay. @adam has addressed this issue (with obfuscation) off-tracker. The update will be included in the next release of PowerShell Pro Tools 9.0 scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.

Appreciate very much this report. Let us please revisit this again next week after 9.0 is released.


My understanding is that PowerShell Core 7.2.5 and 7.2.6 will also be supported :+1: