Packaging as EXE that runs with PWSH 7 and not WinPS5.1

There are no instructions at all about how to do this. The executables produced from Merge-Script always call WinPS5.1, even though I execute it from a PWSH 7 session.

I tried changing DotNetVersion in the Config file, however I get an error

Please advise or provide a better documentation.

I reported another thread when tried to use PowerShellCore = $true, and got an error, still unresolved. I am in a deadlock situation.

I just tried this myself and it looks like there are some changes to recent versions of the .NET Core SDK and\or the PowerShell SDK. We will have to fix PowerShell Pro Tools to support this feature again.

Adam, no rush but do you have an ETA for this?

I have script that runs 10 times faster in PS7 compared to PS5.1, however when compiled I cannot make it run in PS7 yet.

Please advise

We are looking for something by the end of the month.

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