Nivo Charts -Colors not working

I was trying to check out the different colors scheme for Nivo Charts and unless it is the default colors it doesn’t work.

All colors come out black.

I tried the sample on the docs webpage and that is all black too.


I think I got this in IE, what browser are you using? I remember flagging it with Adam Driscoll, and he found out that Nivo does not support IE…if you can update with your browser, that would be much appreciated. Thanks

Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera all show black for any color set.

IE: I get an error “Component not registered : nivo-bar”

Component not registered: nivo-bar

Can I get a fix for this error.

Hello @spalania and welcome to the forums…in order to use this component you need to have the paid for professional edition…can you please confirm your setup…and if you can provide a code snippet of how you using it I am sure myself or someone else would be able to help.

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