New-UDNivoChart -Pie

Testing out the Pie chart for Nivo Charts and I just cant get it to work at all. Im assuming this is the pie chart I would be using. Below is the code but all I get is

Component not registered: nivo-pie

New-UDColumn -Endpoint{
    $domain_count = Import-Csv D:\ud\sccmdata\domainCount.csv | Where-Object {($_.count -as [int]) -gt 10}
    $domainPie = @()
    foreach($domain in $domain_count){
        $domainPieAdd = @{
            'domain' = $domain.domain
            'count' = $domain.count
        $domainPie += $domainPieAdd
        $domainPieAdd = $null
    New-UDNivoChart -Pie -data $domainpie -Height 400 -Width 900

Dude I had same problem with nivo heatmap in 2.5.2. I had to go back to 2.4.0 I’m guessing this is a bug…now I know someone else got the same message will raise it on GitHub… I have now raised this as an issue.

Ok phew, glad its not just me. I can get the Nivo bar chat to work, just not pie.

Hiho, i have the same problem with nivo-calendar
Component not registered: nivo-calendar

Hi @Hagen if you want to use this, then download version 2.4.0 or 2.4.1 I know it works in that version. I have raised this as an issue on github.

Hi @psDevUK ok, thank you

Hey @Hagen and @Bacon please check this update:-