Newbie Question About Powershell Universal

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.4

Hello all,
I recently downloaded, installed, and received a trial license for PU to do a POC at my company to see if it could be used by a technical team who doesn’t do much web development but could benefit from having customer facing web pages out there for some of their basic tasks (all based on Active Directory and Powershell). In the last two days, I’ve spent maybe a total of 6 hours and had gotten multiple pages in our testing environment working for us. I was ready to bring it up to my boss to see if I could get the money and OK to move forward with it. As I was reading around, I came across the ActiveDirectory template and a couple of those were items that were on my ‘To Do’ list so I grabbed and imported it. Well… Needless to say I didn’t realize that it would wipe out all my dashboards I had made. I thought it had been referencing if I had any dashboards called ‘ActiveDirectory’, it would reset that. I hadn’t set up my test instance with our Git yet so I’m hoping there might be some internal backup or location where I might be able to recover what I had already created.

Thanks in advance for any information offered.
Merry Christmas!
Rich N.

The dashboards may still exist in your repository directory.

Can you navigate to C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository? The bulk of the code should be there. What might just be missing is the registration to the dashboards in .universal\dashboards.ps1