Is ud-activedirectory module compatible with PSU 2.5.4?

Is the ud-activedirectory module compatible with the current version of universal dashboard? Just trying to get up and running here and wanted an easy sample to start with here.

When I try to run Start-UDActiveDirectory it tells me several of the functions aren’t recognized, such as:
New-UDAuthenticationMethod, New-UDLoginPage, New-UDEndpointInitialization, New-UDSideNav, New-UDDashboard, Start-UDDashboard.

When I run Start-UDActiveDirectory with verbose I can see that it says it imports all of those functions and then some. But from what I gleaned so far, it seems there have been some changes from the older versions of Universal/Dashboard since they’ve been combined into the one product.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.4

Those cmdlets is for Universal dashboard (old version) and will not work with PowerShell Universal v3.
You might try with v2 included as well in PSU.

If you want an active directory template that works with PSU, you can find one here: Active Directory - Ironman Software