New-UDSelect fails with PowerShell 7.4.0

We use Universal Dashboard 2.9.0. It has been working fine until we upgraded PowerShell to version 7.4.0 recently. All pages containing New-UDSelect commands fail and display error message, Self referencing loop detected for property ‘Value’ with type ‘System.Management.Automation.PSParameterizedProperty’. Path ‘content[0].options[0].Item’. Is there a way to fix or a workaround. We are thinking to upgrade it to PowerShell Universal but hard to find right path or upgrade documents. Can anyone help to tell where we can find relevant docs or guideline for upgrading UD 2.9.0 to right version of PSU?

I would be surprised if that is the only error you get using UD2.9 on PowerShell 7.4.

Is there even any support for stack items like .NET in UD for PowerShell 7.4?

I am having exactly the same issue, were you able to resolve this and how?

I encounter the same exact message when I render UDSelect on a table and it seems not only UDSelect but anything you render from a table.

Powershell Universal is a completly different product and you cannot upgrade from Universal Dashboard to PSU.
the cmdlts are different and you need to re code all of your pages and start from scratch.

What do you mean by that? Yes PSU is a completely different product but it still using Powershell and it should be compatible with what powershell version is released.

All of my dashboards were working fine on Powershell 7.3 then suddenly not working after upgrading powershell to version 7.4 so this is completely a bug.

It does not make sense to re code from scratch kowing the certain function does not work.

i was talking about the upgrade process not powershell version, if you want to upgrade from universal dashboard to powershell universal you will have to re code your pages because the cmdlts in PSU is not the same as Universal Dashboard 2.9.0.
if your issue is related to powershell 7.4.0 and you are still using Universal dashboard version 2.9.0 then you either need to roll back your powershell version to a working version or try to debug the root casue of the issue.