Conversion issue from UD community edition 2.8.1

I am moving a dashboard to the latest version and I understand that a few commands have been changed since it was created in the community version. I have found that New-UDInput has been replaced by New-UDForm but I’m still having an issue with the New-UDCollapsible command. Can anyone clue me in on the corollary in V3?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.19
Product: Universal Dashboard
Version: 3.3.7

I think you are looking for New-UDExpansionPanel: Expansion Panel - PowerShell Universal

Thanks. I have that figured out but I’m now stuck on how to populate a dropdown list. The old code used New-UDInputField. I believe I can do it with New-UDSelect but having trouble working out the syntax and if I need to use New-UDSelectGroup or New-UDSelectOption (or both) to populate it with $FileSvrs.Name

New-UDInputField -Type 'select' -Name 'Server' -Placeholder 'Select the file server to search' -Values @($FileSvrs.Name)

Yep. UDSelect is what you want.

Try this:

New-UDSelect -Id Server -Label 'Select the file server to search' -Option {
    $FileSvrs.Name | ForEach-Object {
           New-UDSelectOption -Name $_ -Value $_
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