New-PSUEndpoint - Cannot push to endpoints.ps1 from VSCode plugin?

Hi hello,

I’m hoping this is an easy, duh problem, but I’ve installed PSUniversal today and am keen to explore. I’ve got the VSCode plugin installed, and can see API endpoints on the server, pulling data is no issue, and I can save to new API endpoints once they are created.

The problem I’m having is within the endpoints.ps1 file - it doesn’t seem to be able to push up to Universal. It can pull without issue, and reflects changes to the endpoints without issue. I can add a New-PSUEndpoint, but when I save to the file, it doesn’t appear as a new endpoint, either in the GUI, or in VSCode after refreshing.

Hoping someone else has seen this behavior!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6
VSC: 1.63.2