API Endpoints under IIS

I created two very simple test Endpoints under the APIs feature. However, when I try to call them, I receive a 404. Any ideas on what I might be missing? I setup a test dashboard, and that works.

This is a bug. It’s been fixed in 1.2.1. I’ll be releasing that tomorrow. The problem is a missing assembly when loading the API into Windows PowerShell. It should work with PWSH.

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Thanks Adam, I’ll be sure to check out the next release. I also noticed that PowerShell Versions under settings, do not seem to persist across PSU Admin sessions. In other words, if I either modify the Windows PowerShell 5.1 Version name, or add PowerShell 7, the next time I log in it reverts back to the default and PowerShell 7 is missing.

Oh, that’s interesting. I’ll take a look.

Can you try to edit the file in C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation.universal\powershellVersions.ps1?

You should be able to add your version in there.

Yes, that works! Thanks Adam. But that may have uncovered the problem? I found that file under a different path, namely:


Is it possible the file was never getting modified in 1.2?

Thanks for your quick response!

Whoops. No that’s the correct path. I just mistyped it

OK, I hear you. Then for some reason the PSU UI was not updating that script in my setup. (2016 Server, IIS, PSU 1.2)

Just spit-ballin’ here, but maybe because the path had a “\.” in it which is being treated as an escape sequence rather than a directory delimiter. I only realized it because when I typed into this board, I had to use “\\” before the “.”


It seems under 1.3.0 is the same issue.