New Dashboard - File Name


Looking at the documentation for Universal and adding a dashboard it shows that you can specify the File Name of the dashboard you want to create


But when creating a dashboard the option for “File Name” is missing.


Is this being removed intentional?

Adam removed the file path because the team thought it didn’t make sense for a website to specify a local file path since you’d likely be managing it remotely. But after typing out the below, They think they need to have this functionality still…

That said, to work around this, create a new dashboard with the dialog. Name it something unique.

Now in C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository (by default), you can put your dashboard files in there. In the .universal folder, there will be a dashboards.ps1 file that points to the dashboard that you want to start.

Any changes made to the Repository folder should cause Universal to just reload them automatically and your dashboard should be running.

If it’s not, you can check the Info page for the dashboard and look at the log.

You can optionally just update the dashboard.ps1 and provide the full path to the dashboard.ps1. In this configuration, Universal won’t reload if you make changes to your dashboard.ps1.

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That answers that :smiley: Thanks @wsl2001

If you grab 1.2.4, there is now an Import Dashboard that has this value back.