Dashboard files inside of folders

Is it possible to do it this way?

Right now, When you make a new Dashboard it makes a new ps1 inside of the Repository directory, which works, however it also prevents you from running multiple dashboards in a clear manner and can prevent some use-cases.


Running a Production dashboard on PSU, One could also run a beta of that dashboard on say localhost/beta-test

Currently, if they use the same files, you can’t actually do that without affecting the production dashboard or the Beta dashboard, you actually can’t test.

Additionally, it can become easy to mix up which files belong to which dashboard depending on the environment.

Proposal is instead of making a new ps1 file, create a directory with the name (or ID) of the Dashboard and then the PS1 inside of that directory to help organize things clearly.

That’s a good point and I agree with this change. Since dashboard will contain many files it would be easier to organize this way.

That said, you should be able to do it manually. Try putting your dashboard in a folder and then updating the dashboards.ps1 file in the .universal folder to point to it.

For example, if you had: dashboard.ps1 and moved it to a dashboard folder then just change it to “dashboard\dashboard.ps1”

It should use the relative path to the root of the repository.

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That did the trick!

Thank you!