Create dashboard with custom filepath

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.7.2

I have been using PowerShell Universal for quite some time now, but I recently got a new laptop. I installed the exact same version of PSU that I have on my old laptop, but I am struggling to create a dashboard from a repository. On the old laptop, all I needed to do was add a new entry in Settings > Configurations > dashboards.ps1 and it would appear as a new dashboard. On the new laptop, I am doing the same but it does not appear. I can manually create a new dashboard in the GUI, but cannot find a way to use the existing code. I have about 5 dashboards that I will need to re-create, but cannot figure out how to import them. An example manual entry in dashboards.ps1 is as follows:

New-PSUDashboard -Name “Testing-Dashboard” -FilePath “C:\Repos\Testing-Dashboard\Dashboard\dashboard.ps1” -BaseUrl “/dashboard/testing” -Framework “UniversalDashboard:Latest” -Environment “CurrentPowerShell” -Component @(“UniversalDashboard.CodeEditor:1.1.1”) -SessionTimeout 0 -Description “for various tests” -Credential “adraper”

Does anybody know how to get PSU to read at a certain file location?