New component - UniversalDashboard.UD-Hotkeys

I just released my 2nd component for Universal Dashboard.
This time a hotkey component.
TL;DR trigger endpoints or javascript snippets from hotkeys or sequences on the clientside.
UD wrapper for:

Install-Module UniversalDashboard.UD-Hotkeys

Hotkeys can either be global, as in the whole page or if you specifiy content the hotkeys will only be triggered while a childitem of the hotkeys are in focus.

Due to popular request, the konami code has been hardcoded as the hotkey “konami”, see the konami example at:

See the examples for some usage:

Happy hunting!


@BoSen29 you done a me…you forgot the powershell gallery link bro:-

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Aaah !
I atleast remembered to include the install-module command :sweat_smile:
By the way:
“Start” in the konami code is spelled out “s t a r t” as there is no decent button for it on a keyboard :confused:

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22 minutes later…I got it working :rofl: you need better instructions for old people like me :roll_eyes:

Nice big font, you know I struggle for screen space :rofl: