Migrating to a new server

I have looked around and I’m not finding anything on moving Udashboard to a new server. Can this be performed this as simply as copying a few directories or files to the new installation? sorry for my ignorance on this subject, I’m extremely new to the product and it was just handed off to me.

This is on a windows server moving to another windows server.

what version of UD you are using?

@wsl2001 Sorry for the late response.
I believe we are using 1.5.1 with framework 2.9.8. I hope, I provided the correct information.

so you are using PowerShell universal now the question is are you using PSU .MSI or you are using IIS?

We are using IIS.

follow these steps to migrate and ill will also making sure to do it for latest release 2.0.3
1- on your old server take a copy of the following folder ‘C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation’
Note: this folder holds all of your configuration and the database.
Note2: db copy might not work on the new server and thats k you can let PSU generate a new one on the new server and PSU will take all of the configuration from the scripts in the UniversalAutomation backup folder and update the db.
2-on the new server you need to create a new site with same configuration and settings like the old one you have.
3-download latest PSU .zip and validate your Appsettings.json file to match the old one and same thing for web.config as well.
4-point IIS site to the new version folder.
5- launch the site and PSU will create similar folder under c:\programdata\universalautomation
6-replace that folder with the one from old server except the db file cause i dont think you can use the olddb on the new server.
7-all done and you can verify your site.

@wsl2001 Thank you so much for the list of items this is a huge help.