Looking to build a user input dashboard

I am new to the UD and I am trying to figure out or find a source for the ability to build a user portal.

My goal is to present a web page that the user can selects from a drop down database name. I would like to populate the drop down by running a powershell script.

Then have another drop down that has a list of servers that is generated from a powershell script that lists the destination server to restore a database too.

Finally when the user can click a button to submit the request that will store the information in a database and queued up.

Then have a status page they go to that will give updates.

Does anyone have insight on how I can do this with UD or guidance on a different way?

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Iā€™m building a fleet management system at the moment to manage all the vehicles in my company. I built my own back-end database in SQL and I am successfully saving data from the dashboard to SQL, and dynamically updating the values on grids displayed in the grids on the dashboard using the auto-refresh. I did build a dynamic drop-down list in a dashboard, this was a headache to do, but I ended up not using it, as I want to validate all my input before I save to the database. So yes I would say what you are trying to achieve is possible. I take it you read:-

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