Question about Using Universal Dashboard

I have started to look at this tool and it looks good, but not sure if it the right fit for what I want to do. I am more interested in creating a form for user input that would be used to run a script. For example - I have a script that takes DFS folders - creates RW and RO groups for the folders and then assigns the correct permissions for the target groups to the target folders.

I can easily create inputs and I can create grids, etc of what I need, but I can’t seem to create a good output from the input form.

I am looking for samples and tutorials that would help me. I can write simple scripts, but I am not a developer.



Hi @wmcgilvery and welcome to the forums…I chucked a dashboard project I was working on to github here:- which takes user input, and writes this back to SQL…I also recently published my own input component here:- which I think is a super easy way to read and write values from a users input…there is also a whole bunch of other components on which I use in various ways to collect information from users…I hope this helps.

thanks for the info

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@wmcgilvery I forgot to spam you with some blogs I wrote on universaldashboard

I need to write some new blogs butI hope this helps gives you some ideas :slight_smile:

Quick Question if I can – the Cache Scope Does it run once and I can just grab variables from it or does it run everytime you call it?

The cache is just a .NET Dictionary that stores everything in memory.

When you populate it, it sets values into the dictionary.
When you retrieve from it, it returns values from that dictionary. No PowerShell is run when retrieving items from the cache.

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