Login Page Links no longer displaying properly after 2.9.2 upgrade

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.9.2

Hey PSU folks,

Using forms authentication, I have customized the loginPage.ps1 and have a couple of Links; using New-PSULoginPageLink.

The links have been displaying and working properly, until after the 2.9.2 upgrade. Now the links are still there, and you can click on them, but they no longer display properly. I get a plain white box where the links are.


$loginPage = @{
    Image = "<URL to Logo File>"
    Title = "<Your Title>"
    PrimaryColor = "<Your Color>"
    SecondaryColor = "<Your Color>"
    PrimaryFontColor = "<Your Color>"
    SecondaryFontColor = "<Your Color>"
    HeaderFontColor = "<Your Color>"
    HeaderColor = "<Your Color>"
    CssStylesheet = "<Path to your CCS File>"
    Links = @(
    New-PSULoginPageLink -Text '<Friendly Text>' -Url '<URL to link to>'
    New-PSULoginPageLink -Text '<Friendly Text>' -Url '<URL to link to>'
        )# Links
    }# $loginPage

New-PSULoginPage @LoginPage

Any ideas?


I’ve opened an issue for this here to take a look: Login Page links not displaying properly · Issue #1070 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

Thank you sir!

Confirmed fixed for me in version 2.10.0

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