Login after Installation does not work (admin / admin)

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.11 (7611461404)

I installed Powershell Universal several month, probalby years ago on a test server. Acutally I didn’t use it. Today while I tried to build a new dashboard, I did realize, that my used version is very old (2.x*). So then I thought, let’s install the newest verison, which is 4.2.11. After uninstalling the old version, I installed the newest one. Now I’m not able to login anymore with the default admin account.

Could anybody help me? Thank you :slight_smile:

You may have some configuration files from the previous version still around. I would do a fresh install, uninstall what you got and manually review for the listed directories located here: Uninstall - PowerShell Universal for your platform. Had something similar happen to me on a Windows box, removing C:\ program data \ PowerShellUniversal (default location for me) cleared it up after installing a fresh copy.