New Posh Universal Install

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0

Just installed PoshUniversal with IIS and Windows Authentication. But when I launch the site, it asks for a log in, I cant seem to find any documentation on what user/pass to log in with so I can install my license. I aslo tried Admin/anypassword and nothing works.

So Admin for UserName and “.” for password does not work? What is the exact error?

From the get go I seat it up with IIS and windows authentication. Nothing works, it just redirects back to login. If I disable windows auth in the json and webconfig and iis site, I can log in with Admin/whatever. But I dont see anywhere to change that admin account or setup windows accounts to log into the admin portal.

We’ve got a bug in 2.0.3 that is messing with Windows Auth in some environments. You can either grab a nightly build where that is fixed or try out an earlier version. We will be releasing 2.1.0 next week with a fix for this issue.