Issue with Roles in Dashboard Pages

Good Afternoon All,

I recently installed 3.6.4 in my cert environment. I have started migrating my dashboard pages to separate files. The issue i am having is that these pages utilize the Role param on New-UDPage cmdlt, and it seems to want to convert it to “roles” but that is coming up as unrecognized.

When i go to update the page from the PowerShell universal Admin console, The page does not finish saving (it does actually save the change though) and the dashboard goes into an error state. The console then alerts with this message:

The resolution at that point becomes going into the page, and correcting the param from roles to role. This is what it looks like before i make a change in the console:

And this is what it looks like after the update (different files in this case, but the result is the same):

In order to get the dashboard to start, i need to correct the file, and recycle the Powershell universal service. At that time, the pages stop showing up on the dashbnoard until i create a new page (which i assume repolls the pages folder) and they show up and i can delete the test page. I appreciate any insight or help you guys can provide!


Evan Costa

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.6.4 msi install

Definitely looks like a bug! I’ll open an issue for it.

thanks Adam!