Blank page with New-UDPage -Role


Universal v1.4.3
Dashboard v3.1.1

I’m using windows authentication, and roles have been defined by groupSid match against the claimsprincipal. All this is working fine…


I’m thinking the -Role parameter in the New-UDPage function has an issue. When I use this, and the role matches, I get a page with no content. Proper theme, AppBar, and Title display fine… just no “page” content.

If the role does not match the user I get the expected “? Page Not Found” error page when manually navigating to a page I don’t have access to.

I’ve read the blog “Role-based access in PowerShell Universal Dashboard”, however it would be more ideal for me to use the -Role parameter as the AppBar is already aware of what pages you’ll be able to view, and the list is updated accordingly, without the need of “if” statements on each page, and all thru the AppBar…

Hopefully I’m just missing something simple here, and someone can point me in the right direction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Seems like a bug but I will try and reproduce in the morning.

Can you add this to your dashboard to validate all the proper roles are showing up?

$Roles | ForEach-Object { New-UDTypography -Text $_ }

Validated. All memberships show. Also tested using “if” statements to display based on membership, and that works fine. Just would rather allow via -Role on the page.

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