Is there a Universal Dashboard class or online tutorial?

Just started with Universal Dashboard and am LOVING it! Unfortunately, I am still learning Powershell but I see a way that UD will all me to create some really cool and useful things for myself and my team.

Was wondering if there was a class (online or in person) or a web video tutorial that covers basics up to medium/advanced concepts. Something that starts with Help World and end with a dashboard that can monitor several servers.

Anything like that out there?


Hi @tmongiello I too have fallen head of heels for this product. It allows so many possibilities, all that stops you is your imagination…anyway back to the question, you have the official webpage for documentation:- then you also have which you can generate yourself just start a dashboard on a port number…You also got some cool stuff here if you look through the blogs finally there is youtube where @adam has kindly uploaded quite a few videos hopefully that is enough links and documentation/videos for you to get bust with :smile:

This is awesome info! I have subscribed to Adam’s YouTube channel and will be working my way through the videos. Thanks!