HRDashboard Part 2 - Getting HR to do IT work

Recap: HRDashboard is my attempt at making certain IT task available to Human Resources, and in turn using existing data to create insights. The first phase was giving HR an overview of Consultants in our company, which in turn benefits IT as HR could quickly spot issues with accounts etc. It also greatly benefited HR, as they no longer would have to request each department for that information.

Part 1: Dashboard displaying information on Consultants and employees

Next stage is almost out of beta, and includes 2 big features that benefits both IT and HR.

Employee Categorization:

HR wants to be able to quickly get an overview of employee distributions, to accomplish this, we were able to leverage an existing database of employees, synced with AD, by simply adding a column for the categorization to be stored.

Once they have finished the categorization, it should be easy to display the data to them with charts and other funky controls.

Making the categorization easy and fast proved to be a bit of a challenge, for the ‚ÄúUncategorized‚ÄĚ tab, The ‚ÄúChange Type‚ÄĚ column contains a drop down, that will update the database immediately when selecting something.
For the other tabs, its a button that opens an input form where other attributes can be changed.

Departments Management:

Instead of just giving them the option to categorize Department managers, I made a separate list of all departments; from which the managers are determined.
This list in turn, benefits IT, as we now have an always up to date database from which we can pull info into our Onboarding script; and use to automatically maintain department attributes in AD.

A bonus feature here is that ‚ÄúParent department‚ÄĚ can be specified, which I hope I can use in the Diagrams control.


Nice! Looks awesome!