Helpdesk dashboard

We have a number of TVs on the wall in our helpdesk. Previously we would have to log into the TV every morning, open a WordPad, and update our onsite schedule, then open up the phone queue status webpage, as well as our Triage board, and re-arrange the windows… EVERY morning! It was not fun, so I made this dashboard.

As new tickets come in, before they’re triaged and processed they show up on the top left side. I used our ticketing system’s API to get information on onsite scheduling to make the view on the top right. I scraped our phone system dashboard’s HTML and created the view on the bottom.

PoshUD is an awesome tool and I’m very thankful to have found it!!


Getting some Fallout PipBoy vibes here :slight_smile:

Very Nice! Killer User Case… I have seen many offices with the helpdesk use a TV in an area like this. I’m Curious… can you tell me what Ticket System you use?

Thanks Leeberg!

We’re using Connectwise Manage. They’ve got a great API that’s well documented and easy to work with.