Dashboard displaying information on Consultants and employees

“Can IT provide information on the accounts of current consultants?” -HR

Sure as h*ll we can, as requested by our HR department, I build a page that lets HR and the leadsership team get an overview of the current consultants, their organisational and geographical distribution.

Now, instead of having the Supply Chain pull information from contracts every month, they can simply visit this Dashboard.

Additionally, department managers and leaders can visit a “Manager” subsite that displays information on all their employees, including their assets.

Fun project!


where is your user data being housed? is it an active directory type of environment? I had the same idea as you, so managers can go to page to show each AD user who had this manager in the ad manager property, as well as other custom AD properties that you could use to expose other 3rd party values from other APIs.

Info on the employee is all AD. While assets is exported periodically from our asset management to a Database for easy access.

If you can easily define what accounts are consultants, and their account expiration date matches their contract expiration. Then it’s “easy”

Thanks for the reply

Very nice coloring! Like the mint and the black. Is that done by a theme or custom styles?

Chart colours are manually set but the theme is built in, and called “azure”.

the Theme:

$theme = Get-UDTheme Azure

And these are the colours of the charts

$ChartDataColour = "#2BBBAD"      #-BackgroundColor
$ChartHighlightColour = "#ffb347" #-HoverBackgroundColor
$ChartBorderColour = "#252525"    #-BorderColor -HoverBorderColor
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Thanks @PorreKaj for the nice example. Had not much time to play with themes so far. But your layout inspired me to give more focus on this too.

Note that Themes (at least the dark ones (Azure,DarkDefault)) seems to be broken in 2.4.0 release.