Extensible Management Dashboard

This is probably a bit early to post but I just threw my code up here: https://github.com/theabraxas/Project-Neith

I’d love to get some feedback and suggestions (I’m a HORRIBLE developer and mostly come from a bash scripting background), contributions are also of course welcome!

It’s a dashboard which loads templates of various technologies to integrate with, it also uses a backend SQL database to store persistent data. It’s designed to allow easy integrations with almost any technology and to be easy to experiment with.

For instance, loading the ‘Cylance Antivirus’ template requires an API key, once submitted it updates the database and activates the ‘pages’ associated with the technology. Once activated the pages are visible and data is collected.

Here are some screenshots of the existing basic integrations with Active Directory, Cylance, and VMware.


Great job :+1: i love it

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Thanks man! I’m mostly cleaning up the code right now but am super open to feature requests and such so feel free to req anything of interest and I’ll see what I can do!