2.4.1 Friday Night Show Off Tabs,Forms,SQL and a lot more

Was tasked with making a vehicle management software to manage all the vehicles in the company. It’s currently managed on a spreadsheet, but think a dashboard is a much better way, so did just that. Put a dashboard in place to allow multiple uses access at the same time, something a spreadsheet can’t, created a back-end database to store all the information, then built some forms on the dashboard with validation rules, and used the data provided from the end user to display statistical information on that particular vehicle.

Yeah my Friday nights rock!


This is truly amazing work! All of the dashboards you post are extraordinary. Is there any possibility you could scrub any sensitive data from this and post it on github? I’ve been using the UD licensed version for a few weeks now and can’t seem grasp some of the concepts. Seeing how you went about creating this would be an awesome learning experience. If github isn’t an option, would you maybe consider making a brief tutorial? :grin:

Thanks @keyforecast much appreciated. I would be honoured to help out a fellow dashboarder. I need to get to grips with github as I don’t fully appreciated what it offers. I don’t have a problem sharing any of my code, it might not be the prettiest code, but gets the results I need. I did split all my pages into separate .PS1 files which I haven’t done before. As this product keeps evolving so quickly I did use the page designer to do all the page layouts. Something that I believe only came available in 2.4.0
@adam and @AlonGvili are doing a great job with this product and the page designer helped me quickly do the layouts I wanted, then add the functionality later. Thanks for the positive feedback, and I will post to github once I remove sensitive data etc.


Awesome! would love to work with this code a bit, looks fantastic!

Many thanks @theabraxas I have now setup a repository on github, and looking to upload the code either later today or tomorrow. I will post a link to share the code, hopefully will help others who want user input, and to update a database, then show those updated results on the dashboard.

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This is awesome work! I’m super impressed!

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wow, I mean I’m lost for words…will take a screen shot of your post @adam and it’s going in my record of achievements. Thank you so much.
Ive tried to be one of the cool kids and join github, so @keyforecast and @theabraxas please find an example here:-

I haven’t uploaded the 2 endpoint pages as these are all database connections, but I took some stuff out of there and put it on the dashboard pages to show how stuff works…Really hope this helps, this is also linked to active directory so only certain people in the company have access. So all that code is included to get active directory working. Not sure if this is the best way but it works. I have put comments on what to change. Anything else please let me know. Thank you.


Well, I know what I’m going to be looking at the rest of the day :slight_smile:

sorry the grids wont load, but hopefully you will see how you can easily populate this with your own sql data. If there is anything you would like further let me know. I mean as I created this database I could upload that whole thing too, but should give you some building blocks to work with. Have fun and I hope this helps you out in some dashboard development of your own.