How to modify New-UDLink in the Theme


It’s just one little question, how do you find the name of classes like .card-title for your theme in raw css because I want to change the size and the align of link in my New-UDCounter, so I try to guess it but I don’t find it or don’t use it correctly

The thing i want to modify is “Télécharger Csv” and “Plus de détails” , I want to make it smaller and center

The code :
New-UDCounter -Id "CountDisaComp" -Title "Nombre d'ordinateur désactivé " -AutoRefresh -TextAlignment center -TextSize Medium -Links @(New-UDLink -Text 'Télécharger CSV' -Url '/Fichier/DisabledComps_groupe.csv' New-UDLink -Text 'Plus de détails' -Url '/DisableComp')

Btw if you know how to increase the size of a number in a counter with the theme and without using -TextSize parameter i would be happy

This should do everything you’re looking for:

Get-UDDashboard | Stop-UDDashboard

$Theme = New-UDTheme -Name 'MainTheme' -Definition @{
    '.ud-counter > .card-action' = @{

    '.ud-counter > .card-content > .center-align' = @{

$DB = New-UDDashboard -Theme $Theme -Content {
    New-UDCounter -Id "CountDisaComp" -Title "Nombre d'ordinateur désactivé " -AutoRefresh -TextAlignment center -Links @((New-UDLink -Text 'Télécharger CSV' -Url '/Fichier/DisabledComps_groupe.csv'),(New-UDLink -Text 'Plus de détails' -Url '/DisableComp'))

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $DB -Port 8080
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Thanks @jmknight2 that’s awesome but have a last request, do you know how to add a space between icon and text

Thanks again :smiley: