How do we get dashboard session information?

Hi all,
We’re currently in the process of moving from UD2.9 to PSU. In old UD there was a diagnostics page with session and endpoint information which could also be pulled back from the console with Get-UDDashboard and drilling down through the properties to get the session and endpoint information.

Is there something equivalent in PSU? Ideally we want to be able to use the VSCode extension to use Connect-PSUServer and then retrieve session information for the running dashboard as this would be useful for troubleshooting. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to do this though, any help would be appreciated!


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I’ve never used UD, only PSU, but does the Sessions tab in the Dashboards page provide what you are seeking?

Login to admin console > User Interfaces > Dashboards > Select Edit Details on the dashboard in question > Click on the Endpoints or Sessions tab depending on your need

Thanks for your reply, that does show me some info about active sessions so that’s handy, although in the old one I could see what session variables were in use and their values for each session. The old admin console also allowed me to pull back session variables and get elements on the page etc under the logged in user’s context which was really handy when troubleshooting. There’s a console for the dashboard but I can’t seem to get any of that information. The only way we’ve been able to do this is to do a show-udtoast which is really clunky as it’s essentially printing a string which doesn’t work nicely for tables etc.


The challenges I have is that from these tabs are:

  1. I can not copy or paste text.
  2. Text does not format correctly:

My productivity would be greatly increased if from a PowerShell terminal I could connect to a session’s console and pull whatever I wanted in PowerShell. Sadly, the Endpoints and sessions tabs do not give me this capability.

I would love to find a workable solution to this.

Just to add to this, in old UD, you could get the session information from the console too like this for reference:

We can get this fixed. I didn’t realize the console was still doing this. I know we had this issue with Terminals on Unix systems but it seems like the dashboard console also has this issue.

That said, @tom.obrien, you can use a similar command to get sessions in PSU.


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Ah, fantastic thanks Adam! That’s really good to know :+1:

Hi @adam,

I have logged a bug for this.

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