Hosting a Dashboard as a Windows Service

Hey everyone, I’m looking for some advice.

I have gone ahead and hosted my dashboard as a service. The server owner didn’t want to mess with his existing IIS sites and suggested I find another way to run it from there. When running it as a normal script I found that every night the script would be terminated because of an AD policy so what I came up with was quite simple.

I added the -wait parameter to the end of the UD script, then I used a script called ps2exe to turn my dashboard into an exe. From there I used the NSSM app to turn it into a service, and now it runs with no problems and it doesn’t affect any of the existing websites.

Now the question: are there any draw backs to doing this?


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NSSM seems like a solid solution. I’ve also used NSSM to create a service out of a dashboard and it ran quite smoothly. No major drawbacks revealed themselves to me, but that was temporary while I worked out getting the DB running in IIS.

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