Windows Service and Dashboard Scheduled Endpoints

I was hoping to use Publish-UDDashboard to run my dashboard script as a Windows Service, so it can run indefinitely without needing to manually start it on the Windows Server it’s running on.
The windows service gets created and starts with no issues, however the scheduled endpoint that I have configured either doesn’t run, or something else is going on. I’m using scheduled endpoints to take advantage of cached variables.

Any ideas? Open to any suggestions at this point. Wanted to avoid having to configure and manage IIS. Thanks!

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $Dashboard -Port 443 -Endpoint @($EveryFourHours)

SO does the end point work when running it normally? Personally I set my end points at the very top of my script like so:-
$Schedule = New-UDEndpointSchedule -Every 4 -hour
$Endpoint = New-UDEndpoint -Schedule $Schedule -Endpoint {…}
Then when loading the dashboard -
Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $Dashboard -Port 443 -Endpoint $Endpoint

Thanks for your response. Yup, works just fine running the script in ISE. I also have my scheduled endpoint configured just like your example. I’m going to enable logging and see what comes up…