Feature Request: Schedule UD Endpoints

@adam Within the dashboard code you can schedule an endpoint directly, but the problem with this is that it calls the endpoint for every session using the dashboard. Right now, I have a bunch of scripts that have 30/60/120/etc second schedules attached to each of them and each script/job invokes endpoints. This definitely works, but it is a little messy and also spinning up powershell sessions just to invoke endpoints appears to use significantly more CPU.

They shouldn’t be scheduled per user. If that’s happening, it’s a bug. One thing I’m wondering is if you are scheduling them within the New-UDDashboard -Content block or within the content of the script.

I ask because the content block is run for every user while the script is only run when the dashboard is first loaded by universal.

# Schedule here

New-UDDashboard -Content {


Haven’t tested, but you are 100% correct. As always, thank you for making me feel dumb =]