Hosting Your Dashboards

I’ve been learning a lot in the past few days. I have a fully functional dashboard up and running and I’m very happy. I am just not sure how to host my dashboard properly after I finish testing it. I don’t have access to a server with IIS at the moment, but that will change in a few months.

Right now I use a while loop to start and stop the dashboard every 10 seconds. I notice that the dashboard number increases by 1 every time it runs a loop.

This method is also the only way that the site will pull the data into the dashboard as it uses the variables from some SQL script block that I have running inside my dashboard script.

Is there a better way of pulling SQL data into universal dashboard, and how would you host a site without IIS?

Sorry for the simple questions, I’ve just been unable to get clear answers so far.

Hi @kreef just so others can help out, what operating system are you using on your machine right now? Just at work I am using windows 10, so I just installed IIS onto my windows 10 install going through the add/remove windows features…but if you update with your OS then others might be able to suggest. Thank you.

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You don’t need to restart your dashboard every 10 seconds for this.

Have a look at :


I’m using Windows 10 Enterprise. I will install IIS on my local machine and try to find a guide to install it with before I try it on a Windows Server 2016 box. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Wow this is an awesome feature! Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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I got a dashboard project I hosted on github here:-
This is connected to a SQL DB I created…but shows how to used the
I also split my pages into separate PS1 files, which makes managing my dashboards loads easier.


I am looking at it now, it looks like it is going to teach me a lot about how SQL interacts with UD. Thanks!!!

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