Google Gantt Chart for UniversalDashboard

Feel very blessed for all the super cool people I have gotten to talk to and learn from whilst using UD. Also feel blessed for all the team-ups I have had with various people to learn new things, and take on challenges I previously wouldn’t have thought possible.
So was very lucky to work with @augustin.ziegler on this component. Like they say pictures speak louder than words so here is a demo of the component in many different styles:-
A lot of hard work has gone into this component, and I have included how to make this gif in the demo.ps1 file on the project site for this component:-
I will update the readme with some more useful information but this does show how to use this component in a dashboard. I have just placed this on the powershell gallery here:-

What is it?

This component is for planning tasks and projects. You can set how complete a task is, give a task a resource, as well as a dependency to link it to another task. You set start and end dates on the tasks, and you can also enable the critical path on the dependencies to show, which turns the arrows to a style of your choice. As mentioned I will update the readme to try and explain it a bit better, but the information on using this component is all in the readme. On the github project site I do have the link to which is where I got the information required to fully build this component.
I hope others find this useful, and as always any questions please do ask. Peace

Practical Example

Thought I could use this for all the things I know I have to currently get done this month. So this is my work schedule that I have to get done this month


The component master hath returned with shinies!

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Good work! Appreciate all the effort you guys are putting in. This is ideal for me, it’s good as a landing page for any new projects (automation) to show how the development is going, prior to replacing it with stats & graphs once complete.