Google TimeLine Chart for UniversalDashboard

Another great collaboration with @psDevUK

This component can be used to show tasks/events related to time.

Install and use this component using this command:

Install-Module -Name UniversalDashboard.UDTimeLine

We are planning to ship an OnClick handler in version 1.0.1.


Thanks again for the team-up @augustin.ziegler just to also mention this is also on the ever growing universaldashboard marketplace here:-


This is awesome, just the tool I need! Any word on the OnClick handler timeframe?

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I would have to re-visit this component, to make sure it does support an onclick hopefully this can be done :slight_smile:
Ok I have had a re-look @somecoulombs and I see an example here:-

But I give this information on the mouse over…so what would you like the onclick to do? As the example just alerts you to the value, but you see that on mouse over…so I am guessing thats why I didn’t bother implementing it…I mean if I could get some ideas on what you would like to happen on an onclick…? Thanks

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I’d love for the on-click action to be able to redirect to a new page – whether that’s a new dashboard page, or an external URL