Getting error message Universal.Server.exe terminated with exit code: 3762504530

after undated to 1.5.9 I am getting error message Universal.Server.exe terminated with exit code: 3762504530. I am at lost. please help.

I’ve gotten that same error message in the past, not sure about the code. The way I resolve it is by closing VS Code, opening task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and looking for Universal.Server and ending the task. Once you bring up VS Code you should be able to load PSU.

Thank you for the Tip.
I tried kill powershell universal exe. and attempted to started from VS code. I still couldn’t get it to work.
I tried uninstall powershell universal from the machine, remove powershell universal extension. reboot the machine, install version 1.5.9. install powershell universal extension again. now it says can’t find the executable.
i notice when i install powershell using msi. it didn’t finish. the installation windows just disappears. I looked for C:\Users$username\AppData\Roaming\PowerShellUniversal. the folder is not there. So i must missed a step somewhere. this happened after i attempted to upgrade to 1.5.9. it was working before that. so i am at the lost. not sure where to look.

So, I finally got it to work. What I did is reinstall powershell universal. and I noticed instead of Universal folder is in different place . it’s under C:\Program Files (x86) instead of “C:\Users$username\AppData\Roaming”. I had to go to extension setting to change the Server path. I must missed something in documentation somewhere. hmmmm?

Oh so you are using the MSI version and VSCode in the same environment? I’ve been trying to do that for a while now but my VSCode can never connect. I’ve tried pointing VSCode to where my Universal.Server.exe file is located, in my case its in inetput/wwwroot, but no luck.
If you dont mind me asking, what do you have as the Powershell Universal: URL setting?

it’s http://localhost:5000.